Wisconsin Badgers Win Big with Microboards

Wisconsin Badgers

“We’ve actually been using Microboards’ towers to copy DVDs for some time now, but we’ve recently purchased another system for our facilities because of expanded use” said Robert Porteus, the Athletic Department’s Video Coordinator. “Initially they were needed by the football teams, but already they are being used by both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams and the Hockey Team.”

Microboards towers are not only used by professional and collegiate sports teams, but they are widely utilized in other university departments, as well as professional recording and production studios, corporations, and government agencies.

“We use the DVD copiers to produce discs for players and coaches to study games and review the plays and players” says Porteus.

Robert points to the speed of duplication as one of the primary advantages of DVD over tape for their video department. “We love being able to be handed a DVD and have ten copies ready in fifteen minutes instead of two hours.”

In addition to the high-speed DVD duplicators, the athletics department at UW-Madison is now also able to print on the CD. They selected Microboards’ PF-2 Disc Printer, designed for speed and low ink cost. The PF-2 printer enables users to produce between fifty and two hundred discs per hour and comes with simple-to-use label design software for quick and easy disc production.

Robert says that despite the added ability to produce a professionally finished label, plans still do not include distributing the discs externally. “We used to use adhesive labels, and we purchased the printer principally hoping that it is easier to use than labels.” 

More information on the PF-2 Disc Printer and DVD Duplication Towers can be found at https://www.microboards.com.