Inside Feature: Microboards UK

Danny O’Boyle

We caught up with Danny O’Boyle, general manager of the European offices, and he shared some thoughts with us about the European operation.

Q: How many people are there in the UK office? What do they do?

A: There are 12 people in the UK office. Responsibilities include handling sales and support for all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Q: What do you feel is unique about the European operation?

A: We are unique in the fact that we deal with over 50 countries through our resellers and about 80% of those are within the same geographical area of the US. Logistically, it is much more difficult and the language issue is always interesting!

Q: Besides your product line, what have you noticed that is similar between the US operation and the European?

A: We have very similar service strengths to the US operation; our customers and suppliers like dealing with us. This is important because we know they have a choice, and we work hard every day to ensure they choose Microboards. 

In short, the U.K. office ensures that the same great products and service you’ve come to expect from Microboards is also available in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Danny and his staff can be reached by calling 44-845-230-7800 or by e-mailing