Far Hills Community Church Benefits from PF-2 Disc Printer


Like many churches, Far Hills already has much of the audio and video infrastructure in place for recording services. They have a Broadcast Ministry, which they will soon be expanding to include live and archived webcasts of their services. So offering Audio CDs, and then Video DVDs, was a natural step. “We’re only doing roughly 20 discs per week right now, and we just started offering DVDs a few weeks ago”, says Zuiderveen. “We went with the PF-2 because we plan to grow that number very quickly.”

Far Hills Community Church has a full-time staff of 30, but Mark is the lone full-timer in the Media Ministry Department. “The Media Ministry is executed largely by volunteers, not the full time staff,” says Zuiderveen. Mark works with 25 volunteers to produce the services each Sunday. Since his staff is largely assigned to operating the recording equipment, mixing down the content, and running the broadcasts, duplication ministry brings added tasks for the volunteers. But the PF-2 printer’s automation helps meet the needs of an already stretched staff. “I like the PF-2 because you can load a hundred into it and walk away,” says Mark. 

Since the main concern with CD/DVD printing is cost per disc, Mark has confidence that the investment will pay itself off. The PF-2 has a lower cost-per-disc to operate because of its large-capacity ink cartridges, a feature that Far Hills will soon be taking advantage of. “We expect the demand for discs to grow as we expand our reach,” says Mark, “and with our broadcast and web ministry growing, our reach will be global”.