Taiyo Yuden Recordable Media Now JVC Brand

April 15, 2009, Chanhassen, MN — Microboards’ flagship line of DVD and CD recordable media, manufactured by Taiyo Yuden, will now be sold under the name of JVC. 

Taiyo Yuden, known in the professional market for having the widest playback and recording compatibility and the lowest error rate of any optical media available, announced the change in March.  Microboards Technology, which serves as the primary distributor for the United States and Canada, will continue to offer the same products, but with the new branding.

 “This strategy will enable a product that is already known as the premium disc in the market to be adopted by media users who are looking for a reliable brand to purchase”, says Mike Laven, Microboards’ Vice President of Sales.  “With the maturation of the optical media market, media users are becoming more discerning when it comes to the quality of media that they used to store their priceless family photographs and recordings.”

The change will not affect availability, as there will be a seamless transition from the old Taiyo Yuden packaging to the new JVC packaging.  “The only difference will be the name on the box and the part number”, reports Laven. “We want the change to be pain-free for our current media users.” Microboards will provide easy reference guides to substituting the new part numbers as they become available. 


Available versions will not change, and include white and silver inkjet and thermal printable media, standard silver lacquer, and WaterShield, the revolutionary new glossy, water-resistant inkjet disc. “In addition, we hope to be announcing several new offerings over the next year,” says Laven.

The product is being managed by a new company, JVC Advanced Media U.S.A., which is a joint venture between Victor Company of Japan and Taiyo Yuden.  Questions or further information regarding the transition can be directed to 800.646.8881 or sales@microboards.com.

 About Microboards

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