Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Microboards’ New Disc Printer Offering

Minneapolis, MN — August 13, 2007 —Microboards announces another expansion of disc printing offering

Boasting advanced HP Inkjet Technology, the new CX-1 Disc Publisher and PF-3 Print Factory from Microboards have been designed with in-house disc production in mind. Organizations that depend on Microboards products for distributing their content will welcome the strong recording and printing specs and affordable price point. Even recreational users will hail the advances in the Microboards line as a breath of fresh air for the duplication industry.

The desktop design supports a 100-disc capacity, the highest (4800 dpi) print resolutions, and continues Microboards tradition of low ink cost. Built into the compact chassis is an enhanced robotics system that ensures reliable disc loading.

The PF-3 is a print-only device that connects to a PC via USB 2.0, and offers high-speed printing of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs. The CX-1 combines all of the features of the PF-3 printer with a high-speed DVD/CD recorder and software suite for creating print & record jobs. Both come with intuitive label-design software.

Users will also find new software features that improve the duplication experience, including low ink warning to prevent disc waste, basic auto label calibration for speeding up out-of-box setup, and a host of other engineering improvements to the printing and recording software, all designed for robust use in the mid-volume market. "We continue to innovate around the needs of our core set of customers", said John Westrum, Microboards’ Chief Technology Officer. "We are very conscious of the needs of the church, school, boardroom, video post house, and service bureau."