Rimage, Microboards Agree to Terms

For Immediate Release

Rimage and Microboards Technology Sign

Minneapolis, MN., March 13, 2000 — Rimage Corporation (Nasdaq: RIMG announced today that it has signed an agreement with Microboards Technology Inc., Chanhassen, MN to continue distributing the product line of its new acquisition, Cedar Technologies, Inc.

Cedar Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of CD-R desktop publishing and duplication equipment, was recently acquired by Rimage and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary under the Cedar name.

"Microboards has been instrumental in the development of the Cedar channel," said Bernie Aldrich, president and CEO of Rimage. "It is essential that we retain Microboards as a key distributor for the Cedar Technologies line."

Rimage previously announced plans to continue to market Cedar products using Cedarís distribution channel while Rimage products will continue to be sold through the established Rimage reseller channel. Microboards Technology has been a distributor for Cedar since its inception.

"This agreement represents both a renewal of a long-term business relationship with Rimage and a continuation of an established relationship with Cedar Technologies," said Chucky Alcon Jr., vice president of sales and new business development for Microboards Technology. "This simultaneously reinforces Cedar's brand equity and demonstrates Rimage's commitment to maintain the product line, which is important to our reseller channel."

"The acquisition of Cedar Technologies and the confimation of Microboards as a distributor for Cedar offers Rimage access to broader markets and additional VARs, ultimately increasing our potential for growth," said James Lewis, vice president sales Cedar Technologies division.

About Rimage
Minnesota-based Rimage Corporation has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The companyís major products include digital publishing and duplication systems for CD-R and DVD media serving many diverse markets including government, finance, photography, software manufacturing and entertainment.

Rimage headquarters are located at: 7725 Washington Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55439. Telephone: (612) 944-8144 or (800) 445- 8288; fax: (612) 944-7808; website:http://www.rimage.com;.

About Microboards Technology
Originally founded in 1989 as the international division of a Japanese CD-engineering firm, Microboards Technology specializes in developing, integrating, selling and distributing CD and DVD-technologies to the public and private sector in Europe, the United States, Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Microboards Technology serves the U.S. through its U.S. headquarters at:1721 Lake Drive West, P.O. Box 846, Chanhassen, MN 55317. Telephone: (612) 470-1848 or (800) 646-8881; website: https://www.microboards.com; fax: (612) 470-1805. E-mail:sales@microboards.com