Protect Video and Earn Profit with Microboards VideoWrite

April 13, 2009, Chanhassen, MN — Copy-protect your video content on a Microboards disc publisher safely and securely.  Microboards Technology today announced its all-new VideoWrite software is available for purchase and will begin shipping immediately.

For use with Microboards disc publishers (GX-2, CX-1, MX-1, and MX-2) VideoWrite, powered by Fortium Technologies’ Patronus software, is easy to use with Microboards publishers running PrintWrite v1.3 or higher.  VideoWrite automatically determines whether the .ISO file being recorded is a valid video format and enables the copy protection option inside PrintWrite.

While other software relies on "tricky" protection scenarios like adding bad sectors and pointers and requires a software key, VideoWrite wraps the video on the DVD in a protective file that doesn't interfere with playback but prevents common ripping software programs from accessing the video.

VideoWrite can help content owners and creators earn a profit by ensuring only original copies of the DVD will play.  The small investment can net a huge increase in profit, as Microboards Vice President of Operations John Westrum pointed out.

"If a videographer produces a wedding DVD for the bride and groom, and they turn around and make copies for family and friends, the content creator is losing out on sales.  With VideoWrite, it takes the [copying] process out of everyone else's hands," Westrum said.

VideoWrite has been extensively tested by expert independent test companies to provide reliable levels of protection and copying and ripping.  VideoWrite has been tested for playback compatibility and is found to work with 99.88% of the U.S. install base of DVD players.

"For the first time, users of our disc publishers are truly able to produce original content worry-free," Westrum continued.  "It's easy to use, almost all recordable DVD media including dual-layer and DVD-RW are supported, and it is definitely secure.  VideoWrite is a sound investment for content producers."

VideoWrite is available on a per-disc basis by using a USB key pre-loaded with licenses, which are available from Microboards' channel of value-added resellers and integrators.  VideoWrite comes with ten free trial burns.  PrintWrite 1.30 automatically detects the presence of VideoWrite USB licenses.  PrintWrite 1.30 is available free to qualified current users of Microboards publishers.

Westrum and the Microboards staff will be giving full demonstrations of VideoWrite at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 20-23 at booth SL-7606.

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