New Production-Grade CD Duplicators Released by Microboards

New Production-Grade CD Duplicators Released by Microboards

Minneapolis, MN, January 02, 2002 — Two new duplicators based on Microboards Award-Winning Orbit II design have been released to the growing CD duplication market. Both duplicators feature Microboards patented gravity feeding systems, standalone functionality, and easy-to-use menu-driven interface.

The Orbit Pro will come with dual 24x recorders for high throughput and a hard drive for recording stability. Its input hopper can hold up to 150 discs. The Disc Factory carries four 24x recorders and a hard drive, doubling the output of the Orbit Pro, and can support up to 300 discs in its input hopper.

Along with the systems, Microboards has developed a new system for removing media. The system allows the user to easily remove media from the output and place it on a spindle without handling the media.

"We are excited to be able to service markets that are experiencing larger and larger volume requirements." said Microboards Technology's President Mitch Ackmann. "Our feature set that has become so popular in the office and recording environment has now been expanded to reach a whole new set of users."

"We are especially pleased with the prospects for our channel of VARs and Resellers," said Jim Filkins, Director of Sales and Operations. "The reliability and features of these machines makes it easy to sell and even easier to support."

The Orbit Pro and CD Factory will begin shipping January 31st with list prices of $3,995 and $7,495, respectively.