Network Attached Appliance to be Introduced to Optical Library Channel

Network Attached Appliance to be Introduced to Optical Library Channel

Chanhassen, MN, November 9, 2004 — Microboards announced today that it has been selected by StorageQuest, Inc of Ottawa, ON Canada as its exclusive US distributor for its Multi-services Storage Manager (MSM) line of network storage management products. The MSM was developed to address the needs of the data archival arena by providing a plug and play, appliance based, network-attached manager for media libraries.

The MSM series of network-attached management devices are based on StorageQuest's Any-to-Any Architecture®, a storage architecture that allows any client to access any storage resource regardless of media type, vendor, or operating system platform.

"Microboards has always believed that traditional storage systems were insufficient for archival because of the proprietary nature of software connectivity productsí data formats and the associated high costs of licensing, deploying, and maintaining those systems." said Chief John Westrum from Microboards. "We have championed optical storage for many years as the perfect medium to address those needs, but have struggled with its acceptance in near-line storage because of shortcomings in management of the media.î Westrum adds, ìWith the increasing need for long term retention of data to meet compliance and regulatory requirements, optical storage has proven to be the ideal solution. By removing cost and complexity issues StorageQuest has eliminated the final barriers of entry in that market.

Universal Formats
In the recent past, archival applications have begun to distinguish themselves from traditional storage because of the need for long-term readability. Many users in the market have remained tied to legacy systems that use archaic media and proprietary data formats, hindering flexibility and independence. The MSM provides improved long-term stability and accessibility by using widely accepted media (including optical media, such as DVD-R and Magneto Optical) and industry standard data formats.

"The guiding principles behind the MSMís architecture will revolutionize storage and archival," said Marwan Zayed, StorageQuestís President and CEO. ìThe MSM transforms an optical library into a network-attached storage appliance. Optical libraries now become application, platform, and operating system independent. This independence means archiving files to permanent, secure media is simple, flexible, and cost effective for any application.î

Simple Browser-based Management
Because the MSM was designed with transparency in mind, it actually helps organizations leverage other investments in storage and IT infrastructure. And its design makes integration with existing systems very simple and cost-effective. The MSM can be quickly and easily connected to an existing corporate network, and appears as one or more storage pools that are immediately available to any application or network user.

The MSM offering will deliver several major capabilities, including:

About Storage Quest
StorageQuest Inc. designs and manufactures open storage connectivity systems for the mass storage industry. Founded in 1998, the company is focused on providing open systems technology that is completely transparent to operating systems, applications, media, and vendor storage devices. StorageQuest, Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, ON Canada;

About Microboards 
Microboards has been the industry leader in distribution and development of DVD and CD Recordable technology systems since 1989. Other historical highlights include the introduction of the first CD recorders and media in the United States, as well as the introduction of the first CD and DVD duplicators. Microboards is headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota with manufacturing facilities in Salida California. Microboards is represented internationally by its offices in London, UK and Tokyo, Japan and by authorized resellers around the world;

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