Microboards Unveils GX-1 CD/DVD Publisher

Microboards Unveils GX-1 DVD/CD Publisher
New Disc Publisher gives users professional printing and duplicating ability in a compact package

Las Vegas, NV – April 21, 2006 – Microboards has announced a fully integrated CD/DVD publisher with combined printing and recording capability, called the GX-1. 

As Microboards broadens its offering of equipment for producing discs in house, the GX-1 brings these efforts to a new range of users requiring short-run, on-demand disc duplication with professionally printed labels.

The GX-1 bears some similarities to previous offerings in that it incorporates Microboards’ patented auto loading technology and HP’s popular inkjet printing technology. But it is unique in that it utilizes Vivera, HP’s latest ink technology, creating the most brilliant and vibrant colors of any inkjet CD/DVD publisher while having an entry-level cost and the most compact desktop footprint of any product on the market.

“Microboards has found a home in high-end desktop duplication by consistently offering the market the highest-throughput standalone solutions for many years,” said Mitch Ackmann, Microboards’ President and COO. “The GX-1 expands on that success by offering an all-inclusive PC-connect solution to users needing to produce shorter runs of discs on a budget”.

Microboards’ Vice President of Operations and CTO, John Westrum, concurred. “As with all of our offerings, the GX-1 was developed to fill a specific need in our product offering. It complements our existing line of award-winning manufactured products, as well as our distributed product offering.”

“We find that multimedia content producers such as video production houses, marketing and advertising professionals, and other service organizations are asking for a product that is designed around smaller production quantities”, says Ackmann.

In addition to its low operating cost, the tiny footprint of 11½ inches wide is perfect for kiosks and SMB users. “Because of our unique patented method for handling discs, the GX-1 is the most compact integrated print & burn solution in its category”, says Ackmann. “The compact footprint is very attractive to studios and retail environments where space is at a premium.”

The GX-1 ships with all of the necessary software for operation, including its core recording and label design software. It comes standard with a one year warranty and a starter kit of blank discs and ink. 

More Information
The GX-1 will begin shipping in May. More information is available on the Microboards website.