Microboards Ships Auto Standalone CD Duplicator

For Immediate Release

Microboards Ships Office Copier for Automated Standalone CD Duplication

Features Include One-Touch copy, 16x Speed

Minneapolis, MN, March 12, 2001 — Microboards Technology LLC announced today that its new Orbit II CD-Recordable office copier is now shipping. The unit is the first product designed and manufactured at the company's new Manufacturing division in Livermore, California.

The Orbit II features automatic loading of up to 50 CD-Recordable discs through Microboards's patented Singulator feeding mechanism. A simple menu-driven front interface directs even the most novice user easily through the copying process. Menu selections include variable speed recording from 1x to 16x and multiple copy modes, including Copy CD-to-CD, Compare CD-to-CD, or Copy and Compare. The "Compare" function verifies that a true copy has been performed from the master disc.

"The Orbit II was designed and tested over an extended period with ease-of-use and stability in mind." said Mitch Ackmann, President and COO of Microboards Technology. "We have put considerable effort into making sure that both its form and function integrate easily into an office environment, much like a photocopier or fax machine."

"Our vision of the Orbit II was that of an office appliance." said Charlie Alcon Jr., Vice President of New Business Development at Microboards. "However, the unit is practical for technical environments as well. The attractive cover belies an internally ruggedised mechanism of zen, capable of loading & recording discs at the fastest speed available on the market."

The Orbit II has a list price of $3,195 and will be available through Microboards's authorized resellers and integrators.

About Microboards Technology
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