Microboards Introduces High-Volume, Low-Cost CD DVD Publishing

Minneapolis, MN –December 11th, 2007 – Microboards announces new high-volume disc printing/publishing series, with simultaneous release of Vista support for all three of their award-winning publisher lines.

Microboards released today the next generation of its award winning Print Factory disc printer line. This latest version, the PF-PRO, boasts ultra high-quality printing with an ultra low cost per print of just 9 cents for full coverage. Along with the PF-PRO, Microboards released the MX-1 and MX-2 Disc Publishers with one or two 18x DVD recorders, respectively. The MX Series robust design based on the PF-PRO brings industrial throughput to any organization distributing content on DVD or CD. All three systems feature 100-disc input and output capacity and Microboards’ enhanced automation for reliable loading and unloading of discs.

"By utilizing the latest in HP inkjet technology, the print quality of the MX Series of Disc Publishers and Printers is unequaled among disc printers" explained Microboards’ CTO John Westrum. "But in addition to high speed, high resolution printing, the separate C, M, Y, and Black high capacity ink cartridges means zero waste – and the lowest possible cost-per-disc, coming in at just pennies for a typical print.

"Microboards’ users purchase our products for their reputation for performance," says Westrum. "And the new MX publishers set a new standard for throughput, in both speed and operating cost." one set of ink cartridges can produce over 1,000 discs. Disc designs utilizing light text-only coverage could have a cost-per-disc as low as 2 cents. Coupled with the 18X DVD/48X CD recording speed in a single recorder or dual recorders, the MX Series is the best solution for high-volume disc publishing.

The included software suite for all three products includes simple label design software. Design your label from a point-and-click application, or use popular design programs such as Photoshop® and import directly to the software. Publishers with recording ability include recording & job creation software for both Mac and PC, including support Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Record or copy virtually any CD recordable or DVD +/- Recordable format, including Dual Layer DVDs!

In addition to the launch of the industrial systems, Microboards also released software for running their industry leading printing & publishing systems on the Vista operating system.

Vista support will be released for the GX series, the most popular line of entry-level disc printers and publishers available today. The GX series includes a manual disc printer, an automated printer, and an automated printer/recorder, all at competitive price points.

Vista support has also been extended to Microboards’ recent series of midline publishing and printing products, the PF-3 automated disc printer and the CX-1 publisher.

Microboards has distinguished itself throughout its history in disc duplication, introducing the first CD and DVD duplicators to the market, and challenging industry expectations with regards to ease of use, throughput speed, and operating cost thresholds with each new product. Microboards disc printers and duplicators have been hailed by professional users and in editorial publications across many industries for their rugged design and remarkable quality.

About Microboards

Microboards ignited the industrial disc duplication revolution in the 1990s with the CopyWriter Tower and continued its tradition of leadership with the first DVD Duplicators and other award-winning products. Today, Microboards continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning automated publishers and industrial disc printers.

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