Microboards Enhances Product Line for High-Volume Requirements

Microboards Enhances Product Line for High-Volume Requirements

Disc Printer and Tower Disc Copier Improvements Announced

Chanhassen, Minnesota, April 21, 2003 — Microboards Technology has set the standard for high-volume disc publishing with new capabilities in its Print Factory disc printer and its DSR DVD tower duplicator.

One Thousand Discs Per Hour 
Print Factory, already the highest-throughput disc printer on the market, can now have up to 5 units connected to a single computer, allowing the user to produce from several hundred to a thousand discs in a single hour.

Until now, all of the automated disc printers on the market required separate cable control of the robotics. When we designed the Print Factory, we did it with standard paper printers in mind: One cable, one driver, and any software programî said John Westrum, Microboards Technologyís Director of Operations. ìSo in addition to being able to produce a vibrant, quality image at up to 4800 dpi from itís included software, you can automatically print from other programs such as Photoshop® or Corel Draw®.

16 DVD-R Copies Simultaneously 
Microboards has also announced 16-drive capability with itís industry leading DSR DVD series of tower DVD-R Copiers. Previously, most machines on the market could record to only seven recorders, while the DSR DVD recorded from one master to eight simultaneously.

ìThe ability to slave a second tower of eight recorders to the first tower has been very popular in our CD Duplication line, and has long set us apart from the competition,î says Mitch Ackmann President of Microboards Technology. ìSince a DVD-R takes up to 15 minutes to record, the ability to do sixteen simultaneously has been welcomed by the market. It is particularly exciting to customers with quick-turn requirements, allowing churches and other immediate-demand environments to produce a minimum of 64 discs per hour.

More Information and Availability 
Both the DSR DVD and the Print Factory are immediately available with these enhancements. Further information on these and other award-winning Microboards products can be obtained by contacting Microboards at 800-646-8881 or by visitingwww.microboards.com.