Microboards Enhances Dual-Drive CopyWriter Live Audio CD Recorder

CopyWriter Live Audio CD Recorder

Minneapolis, MN –February 4, 2008 – Microboards' popular CopyWriter Live can now record simultaneously to both recorders

Microboards has begun shipping its CopyWriter Live with the ability to record live CD Audio to discs to two recorders at the same time. The new feature allows users to have two copies of an event immediately after recording it. Ideal for environments producing many discs live, users can initiate copying in more than one duplication system using the two masters, or use one for immediate playback or review.

CopyWriter Live has led the event-recording market for years because of its unique spanning feature – automatically initiating the recording process to a second recorder when the disc in the first becomes full. It also functions as a disc-to-disc copier, using one recorder as the master and the other as the target.

"We designed the original CopyWriter Live seven years ago for use in churches with dual-well cassette recorders in mind," says Microboards Director of Marketing, Aaron H. Pratt.

"Our market research indicated that religious organizations would migrate from tape to disc if they had all of the same functions and a similar user interface. Three product generations later, we find that is still a very compelling offering for that market."

In addition to Ministry, CopyWriter Live’s popularity has expanded to hosts of other live recording venues, ranging from concert venues to training seminars in the corporate boardroom.

"One major growth area for us has been the legal market," says Pratt. "Attorneys, law enforcement, and other professionals like using CD because it is legally sound – a write-once medium with a high-quality audio output. And because it was designed to emulate a dual-well cassette recorder, they don’t have to learn a new technology to use it – they can focus on their profession instead."

"The new feature of the CopyWriter Live is specifically oriented at these types of applications – for example, oftentimes two copies are needed immediately after a deposition or interrogation, one for the defense and one for the prosecutor. So the Copywriter Live can record two master CDs at a time, span between multiple discs for longer recordings, do disc-to-disc copying or be used as a playback device."

Despite having unique abilities for the professional market that are not available in standard disc recorders, the unit has a street price of $699, comparable with most professional products available. While Microboards recommends a high-quality grade of media such as Japanese-made Taiyo Yuden in all of its products, CopyWriter Live can use standard CD-Recordable media available at most retail stores.

The feature is available on all product shipping after January 1, 2008. More information is available at www.microboards.com.

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Microboards ignited the industrial disc duplication revolution in the 1990s with the CopyWriter Tower and continued its tradition of leadership with the first DVD Duplicators and other award-winning products. Today, Microboards continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning automated publishers and industrial disc printers.

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