First CD-Recordable System with Both Audio and Data Functionality

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Microboards Technology Offers First CD-Recordable System with Both Audio and Data Functionality

Minneapolis, MN, Mar. 9, 1999 — The first CD Recordable system with both audio and data functionality was announced today by Microboards Technology, Inc. Called AudioWritePro, the system will first be shown in booth L11466 during the NAB Show, April 19-22, in Las Vegas.

Priced at $679.00, AudioWritePro can create compilation audio CDs directly from various analog sources such as tape deck, LP player, radio, television and others without using a computer. Alternately, it connects to a PC or Macintosh for burning audio, video or data CDs with conventional premastering/editing software.

While connected to a PC, users can create customized audio CDs from the internet by downloading MP3 files and converting them to a Red Book disc-at-once image using the PlayWrite MP3 software and then recording the CD on the AudioWritePro.

Other applications include backing up system data and recording important events or dictation by microphone using Pro RCA IN connectors on the back of the unit.

"AudioWritePro is designed to be the most versatile CD-Recordable system for both audio and data applications," said Chuck Alcon, Jr., vice president of sales and marketing for Microboards Technology.

The light-weight desktop system uses standard 74 minute CD-R media and requires a standard SCSI interface for connection to a computer or a RCA interface to an analog audio source. The recording speed is 4X when connected to a computer and 1X when connected directly to an analog source.

About Microboards Technology.

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