DVD Duplication System Announced by Microboards

For Immediate Release

DVD Duplication system announced by Microboards Technology 

Minneapolis, MN, October 15, 2001— Microboards Technology, the leading manufacturer and distributor of CD and DVD duplication systems, today announced the release of its new DSR DVD series of standalone tower duplicators. The duplicator will begin shipping October 15th.

Featuring the Pioneer A03 DVD Recorder, the DSR DVD series offers simple operation using Microboards easily navigable "menu-mentor" interface, a hard drive for image archiving and CD-DA track extraction, and dual CD and DVD recording capabilities.

In addition, users can connect the tower directly to a Mac or PC to create the master disc. "Direct Connect" eliminates the need to purchase a separate recorder to create the master. The Fire Wire feature gives the unit both standalone and PC/Mac-connect functionality.

"The DSR DVD series is a natural progression from our very popular DSR series of CD duplicators." said Microboards Technology's President Mitch Ackmann. "Our extensive experience with tower duplication made this a logical step."

"Microboards has always been focused on integrating advanced capabilities at very competitive price points," said Jim Filkins, Director of Sales and Operations. "Combined DVD and CD recording in one unit is just another extension of that focus."

The DSR DVD series is available in tower and rack mount configurations containing 1 to 4 recorders with pricing from $2,995.

About Microboards Technology
Originally founded in 1989 as the international division of a Japanese CD-engineering firm, Microboards Technology specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing CD and DVD technologies to the public and private sector in Europe, the United States, India, Latin America, Japan and the Pacific Rim. Microboards Technology serves the U.S. through its headquarters at: 8150 Mallory Ct, Chanhassen, MN 55317. Telephone: (952) 556-1600 Toll-Free: (800) 646-8881 Fax:(952) 556-1620. Website: www.microboards.com E-mail: sales@microboards.com.