Custom MP3 Audio CD-Recording Bundle Announced by Microboards Technology

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Custom MP3 Audio CD-Recording Bundle Announced by Microboards Technology

Minneapolis, MN, Apr. 12, 1999 — A complete internet MP3 audio and data backup CD-Recordable solution for PC-using consumers has been announced by Microboards Technology Inc. for end of April delivery.

Called PlayWrite MP3, the package features PlayWrite MP3 software, a PlayWrite 4420 recorder (4x/4x/20x) and PlayWrite BackUp software. After users download selected tracks from the internet to their hard drives, the PlayWrite MP3 software automatically converts the selected MP3 files into Red Book quality audio tracks and burns a customized 74 minute audio CD playable in virtually any standard CD player or reader.

"This unique software turns a formerly laborious one-hour process into a quick two-step 12 to 15 minute recording session. Because the conversion is so fast and efficient, users can continue storing the MP3 files in their compressed (4MB) format and delete the converted uncompressed audio files after the recording session is complete to save hard drive space," said Chucky Alcon, Jr., vice president sales and marketing.

Priced at $399 MSRP, the PlayWrite MP3 has the only backup software with a multidisc spanning capability. This allows users to backup any system hard drive onto CD-R or RW media with the click of a button. For files larger than the 650 MB media, the system tells the user to insert a new disc and it begins recording at the exact point it left off. The RW discs can be used over and over again.

A preview and clean up feature in the PlayWrite MP3 software allows users to clean up pops and hisses before recording to CD. The package also accepts input from analog sources such as, phonograph, tape and radio and the user has the option to select a slower (22 khz) sampling rate to save hard disk space. A programmable time feature tells the recorder when to start and stop recording from an analog source such as a radio.

The PlayWrite MP3 has an internal 4Xrecord/4Xrewrite/20Xread Atapi/IDE drive with a 2 MB buffer. Minimum system requirements are Windows 95 or higher, Pentium 166 Mhz or higher PC, 32 MB RAM, 2.2 GB hard drive, sound card (Sound Blaster compatible) and an open IDE connection on the motherboard. The one-year warranty covers parts and labor.

"Because of the popularity of MP3, and the low price for the package, we believe the PlayWrite MP3 will have great mass market appeal," said Mitch Ackmann, executive vice president.

The PlayWrite MP3 will be available through select retail and reseller channels call (800) 646-8881 for current information.

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