40X Support Announced for Standalone Autoloading Duplicators from Microboards

40X Support Announced for Standalone Autoloading Duplicators from Microboards Technology

DVD-R support now available with both the Orbit II and the Orbit Pro

Chanhassen, MN, June 14, 2002 — Microboards Technology announced it is now shipping its award-winning automated duplicator line with 40X recording speed. High-speed recording technology combined with a patented gravity feed system gives Microboards the edge in throughput over the duplication market.

In addition, Microboards now offers a DVD-R Version of the Orbit Pro, previously available in only the Orbit II. With the Orbit Pro's batch mode processing capability, Orbit Pro is ideal for overnight duplication of multiple DVD masters. Both the Orbit II DVD-R and the Orbit Pro DVD-R versions also support CD-R recording.

With 40X board technology, Microboards reinforces their position as the leader in standalone duplication technology. The capability has already been successfully added to the Orbit II and Orbit Pro, which do not require a PC to operate. "Support for 40X recording in our autoloading duplicators rounds out our offering, and we are pleased to be able to offer a high-speed solution for any duplication application," said John Westrum, Chief Technology Officer at Microboards Technology. Microboards announced 40X capability in its tower (manual-loading) duplicators last month as well.

With the emergence of CD and now DVD Recordable technology in every day applications, Microboards has led the charge in developing units that combine ease of use and aesthetic design with solid engineering and advanced capabilities.

"The ingenuity that went into the design of our automated duplicators has won awards", said Mitch Ackmann, President of Microboards Technology. "We are proud of the stability and throughput we can offer to the market".

The Orbit II and Orbit Pro are available through Microboards' channel of resellers. Further information is available by visiting their website at www.microboards.com.