Microboards HCL Blu-ray Duplicator

HCL Blu-ray Duplicator

Simply the best solution for unattended disc duplication runs is the Microboards HCL Autoloader, featuring capacity, reliability, and throughput in a record-only duplication solution.  State-of-the-art and a choice of 4 or 6 drives allows the Microboards HCL Autoloader record dozens of BD-Rs an hour. Get rid of the clutter in your production area, the Microboards HCL Autoloader is a self contained unit with no external PC or mess of wires to attached, simply plug the unit in and start duplicating!


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Pioneers in the field of disc technology, Microboards Technology has a long history and considerable expertise when it comes to delivering innovative, high-quality products and solutions customers can count on. The Microboards HCL Autoloader is one of those products that the industry has relied on for years because nothing else offers the shear capacity, reliability and throughput as the HCL Autoloader. When you need to burn a lot of BD-Rs and using a push button duplicator tower isn’t feasible, the HCL Autoloader is the simple choice.

Available in multiple recorder configurations to fit anyone’s time requirements or budget, you can pick from 4 or 6 drive options – all featuring a staggering 1,000 disc capacity.  Innovative solutions to industry problems are found throughout the HCL Autoloader including a disc counter that tracks the number of good discs completed per job so you know exactly how many discs are actually complete. The HCL now comes equipped with a 500 GB hard drive for storage of disc images! Just because you can’t keep loading additional jobs when the last one finishes doesn’t mean the HCL Autoloader should stop working. Store and queue multiple jobs for  uninterrupted disc production.  Don’t let a bad batch of discs slow down your production. A sticky disc separator option provides an added layer of insurance by helping separate sticking discs, which normally is a fatal error for automated production systems.

These capabilities are found in a single box, the Microboards HCL Autoloader. No external PC or wires to connect. Keep things simple, plug the unit in, turn it on and start duplicating BD-Rs, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, and DVD-RWs today.

The HCL autoloader is also available as a CD/DVD only or LightScribe duplicator.

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Blu-ray HCL Autoloader
Part No.
HCL-BD4000, HCL-BD6000
Disc Capacity
Up to 1,000 Discs (depends on media type)
Target Drives
4 or 6
Hard Drive Options
500 GB
Approximate Throughput/Hr.
Call for details
Supported Reading Formats
BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Mode 1: CD-ROM, CD-1, Multi-Session CD, CD-Plus
Supported Writing Formats
BD-R, BD-RE, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVDRW, Orange Book standard 74 min/80 min CD-R/RW
Max Writing Speed
BD-R: 8x; BD-RE: 2x; BD-R DL: 4x; BD-RE DL: 2x; DVD-R: 24x; DVD-RW: 6x; DVD+RW: 8x; DVD+R: 24x; DVD+R DL: 4x; DVD-R DL: 4x; CD-R: 40x; CD-RW: 24x
Buffer Memory
128 MB
Partition Naming
Up to 8 characters per partition
Account Management
32 users (standard) or 64 users (premium)
Auto Counter
Up to 9,999 per title
20x2 LCD
Power Supply
Input: 90 ~ 240 AV, 500 W max
Operating Humidity
20% ~ 80%
Temperature Extremes
40 C (104 F) / 5 C (41 F)

127 lbs.


29" L x 25" W x 34" H

PDF file icon HCL Blu-ray Duplicator Brochure
PDF file icon HCL Series Manual

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