Microboards ISO Archival Publishers

Microboards’ award-winning Disc Publishers are available in a custom configuration that integrates a special recorder approved by the ISO-certified archival process. Combined with ISO-Archival Media from JVC, applications with critical, long-life data requirements can automatically print (label) and record a disc that is certified for 30+ years of data integrity! Archival Publishers work with both specialized ISO-certified archival discs from JVC, and with standard media. Your favorite Microboards publishers--the G4 and MX Series--are now available in ISO Archival modes!

G4 Publisher

Microboards’ latest innovation makes the process of producing professional CDs and DVDs in mid-to-high volumes effortless. Anyone can easily operate the device with its intuitive user interface. Set it up, walk away and the 50-disc capacity enables automatic unattended burning and printing of all your discs. DiscPlace Technology provides improved loading and reliability; and with easy disc alignment calibration, you can count on the G4 to meet your demands for reliable operation. Fast throughput is no problem for the G4, which provides high-speed 24X DVD and 48X CD recording on virtually any type of disc, including Dual Layer and connects through a single USB cable. After recording, it can easily finish discs with superior disc printing capabilities. The process is fast and cost-effective--it’s a device that delivers discs with text and graphics in less than 20 seconds, and for just 25¢ per disc (full color, full coverage).

MX Publishers

High-volume disc publishing requires a solution that’s up to the task and that you can trust. Fortunately, the Microboards MX Series delivers the ease, reliability, and professional quality you’re seeking in a solution that’s extremely fast and cost-effective. Comprising the MX-1 and MX-2 Disc Publishers, this series utilizes the latest in HP inkjet technology, with HP Vivera inks and outstanding 4800-dpi resolution, to deliver high-quality, professionally finished CDs and DVDs that look truly amazing. Separate C, M, Y, K high-capacity ink cartridges mean less waste and a much lower cost per disc—as little as 11 cents for a typical full-coverage print and as low as 1 cent for light, text-only coverage.

What is ISO 10995?

ISO 10995 is the international standard currently set to test DVD+/-R/RW/RAM discs. The standard, established in April 2008 in Japan, specifies a the test method for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media. It uses an accelerated aging test method for estimating the life expectancy for the retrievability of information stored on recordable or rewritable optical discs. JVC’s specialized optical disc created for long-term storage are the only ISO 10995 certified disc for data archival. Each disc is carefully constructed with a super silver alloy reflector, further enhancing its long-term storage capability.

The ISO-certified solution to the problem of long-term data archival combines three products: First, an optical disc optimized for optimum long-term storage made in Japan. Second, a recorder that maintains an extremely low error rate of recording signal default characteristics. Lastly, an inspection device that precisely measures error rates. Combined, users can be absolutely assured of long-term data storage and retrieval by means of optical disc technology. Microboards’ Archival Publishers feature an integrated drive, allowing users to automate the labeling and recording of discs adherent to the ISO 10995 standard.


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Ink Cartridge (CMY)

VideoWrite USB Key

GX-300-HC Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

Microboards VideoWrite Dongle


Available with
100, 500, 1000, or
5000 Disc Credits
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PrintWrite 2 (PC)
PrintWrite 2 software tabPrintWrite 2 disc publishing software (screenshot at right) brings all current Microboards disc publishers to life with ingenious new features, a simplified one-screen interface, and networking capabilities. Designed by Microboards engineers specifically for use with the G3, CX-1, MX-1, and MX-2 Disc Publishers.   >> Learn More.

PrintWrite (Mac)
PrintWrite Mac was designed specifically by Microboards to bring full-fledged disc publishing to a hungry Mac market. The dashboard-style view gives a detailed overview of everything currently happening—job status, job list, system status, ink levels, and more, making it easy to monitor and navigate. All jobs can be saved and retrieved for future use.  >> Learn More

SureThing Label Designer (PC)
Design disc labels by adding backgrounds, pictures, and text. Print directly from SureThing or use with PrintWrite for full publishing needs.  Comes standard with all disc publishers and disc printers.

Disc Label from Smile Software (Mac)
Like SureThing for the PC, Disc Label is the Mac label design software that comes standard with all Microboards disc publishers and disc printers.

What is your DVD video worth?  Microboards VideoWrite will help you protect it.  VideoWrite is a new, easy-to-use, highly secure method for applying copy protection to DVD Videos produced on Microboards disc publishers .   >> Learn More.


Microboards MicroCare Warranty
MicroCare from Microboards offers the added insurance for your Microboards product in the event of a hardware failure. should a problem arise, we want you to take comfort in knowing you can have a new unit up and running in 48 hours. By purchasing a MicroCare Rapid Replacement contract, you are guaranteed superb service, and in the event of a return-to-factory repair, we will cross-ship you a new or like-new replacement unit so that you will be up and running within 48 hours, saving you time and preventing loss of profit.

Microboards Extended Warranty
Beyond the initial one year parts and labor warranty Microboards offers an additional 1 and 2 years of depot warranty giving you up to three years of protection. If problems arise, send your unit back to Microboards for repair and Microboards will cover the cost to repair your system and the return shipping. One year or two year extended warranties are available within 30 days from original purchase of Microboards products.

Standard Warranty

All Microboards products feature a one year parts and labor warranty for service performed at depot. Learn More >>