TEAC P-55/220 Autoloader

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Product Copy for 220 Autoloader

The TEAC AL220S Auto-Loader System, with TEAC's dye-sublimation thermal disc printer, is a fully-automated disc printing solution now available from Microboards Technology. The system automatically prints up to 220 CDs or DVDs quickly and easily by using an advanced robotics mechanism that transports discs from the input bins, to the integrated TEAC disc printer, and then to the output bins. With TEAC's P-55 printer—the world's only dye-sublimation thermal disc printer—you can have the most complete disc printer solution available!

TEAC's P-55 disc printer producers the highest quality discs because it's the only option that prints true black"—that makes 256 different shades of gray! Exclusive VersaMax ribbons for the P-55 disc printer provide the widest media compatibility. Now you can chose your favorite thermal-printable media to print on with no need for media kits! The P-55 disc printer holds the disc from the center hub for the most accurate disc pickup.

Product Features for 220 Autoloader
  • 220-disc capacity
  • Connect up to 8 units to a single PC
  • LCD touchpad allows for setup and diagnostics directly on the unit
  • Robust robotics for accurate pickup
  • Easy access for loading consumables
  • STICKY Disc Function Mode to break loose any discs that stick together
  • 8cm disc adapter available
  • Low-profile desktop design
  • Easy set-up—no robotic software needed to interface with a computer
Product Specifications for 220 Autoloader
Thermal Printer Specifications
Printer Model TEAC P-55C-210
Printing Method Thermal dye-sublimation
Ribbon Capacity 500 images/ribbon (full color)
Print Resolution 400 dpi, 290 dpi
Loader Specifications
Model AL220S
Controller Series 5 with TrueCopy System Technology
General Specifications
Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000, XP Professional, Linux
Environment Temperature: 5 - 35 C
Humidity: 20 - 80% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements 110v / 220v Auto Switch, 100 W
External Dimensions 27" W x 19.5" L x 14.5" H

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