Networkable CopyWriter Pro Series

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CD/DVD 1-to-5 Tower NT DVDPRM PRO05 100px • 200px • 400px
CD/DVD 1-to-7 Tower NT DVDPRM PRO07 100px • 200px • 400px
CD/DVD 1-to-10 Tower NT DVDPRM PRO10 100px • 200px • 400px
BD/CD/DVD 1-to-7 Tower NT BDPRV3-07 100px • 200px • 400px
BD/CD/DVD 1-to-10 Tower NT BDPRV3-10 100px • 200px • 400px

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Note: The hi-res images for these towers are the same as traditional CopyWriter Series CD/DVD and Blu-ray tower duplicators.

PDF Spec Sheet: 372K

Product Copy for Networkable CopyWriter Pro Series

Any of the network-capable CopyWriter Pro Series tower duplicators (CD/DVD models or Blu-ray/CD/DVD models) are not only the most advanced duplicators on the market, but are extremely simple to use. The ability to connect to any PC within a given network offers convenience and security for office environments of all sizes. The network connectivity feature allows the person setting up duplication jobs to be remotely located from the CopyWriter duplicator. This allows a company to keep any quantity of manual tower duplicators in a safe optimal environment where users can transfer files directly onto the duplicator’s internal hard drive. Plus, the network feature allows the storage of the duplicator in a secure environment, where only authorized personnel can access it, preventing general employees from being able to make copies of unauthorized, sensitive, or confidential files.

Burn CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or Blu-ray Discs one at a time or by the thousands with the Networkable CopyWriter Pro Series. Burn at blazing speeds using virtually any format of recordable media. Connect the CopyWriter Pro to your office network and access the built-in hard disk drive (500GB CD/DVD or 500GB BD/CD/DVD) to store multiple master disc images from anywhere on your network. The intuitive 8-button panel and multi-line display make copying discs easy for the novice user. All the while, the CopyWriter Pro maintains high-end, power-user features demanded by the professionals, like disc verification mode and multi-user account maintenance.

Transfer files from any PC within an internal network directly to the duplicator via USB 2.0 cable. Just connect the duplicator to the company’s internal network by LAN/Ethernet connection, then transfer the disc image or files that need to be duplicated directly to the duplicator. Users no longer need to burn a master disc to initiate the duplication process.

The Account Management function will authorize only specific user(s) to operate the duplicator with preferred settings. Features the ability to assign numerous passwords for multiple users.

Product Specifications for Networkable CopyWriter Pro Series
Burn Speed 8X Blu-ray / 24X DVD / 48X CD
Supported Formats BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-DL, 

all CD formats including CD+G
Network Requirements Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit only)
Network Port RJ-45 x 1 Additional Port (USB 2.0)
Network Speed 10/100 Mbits
Software Image Burn + network drivers
Built-in Hard Drives 500GB CD/DVD

Verification Copy + Verify
Track Extraction Yes
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Power 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Environment 10 C ~ 40 C
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