Microboards Shiny Silver Lacquer Hub-Printable CD-R

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Shiny Silver Lacquer Hub-Printable CD-R MIC-CDR80-HSS100 200px • 400px • 800px
Product Copy

Use a trusted brand of CD-R media—the all-new Microboards brand! The Shiny Silver Lacquer CD-R media's surface allows for beautiful thermal printing. Designed with duplication in mind, these CD-Rs feature a hub-printable surface and are fully licensed by Philips. Record at speeds up to 52X, and store 700MB of date or 80 minutes of audio. Available in a cakebox of 100 discs.

Product Specifications
SKU Numbers MIC-CDR80-HSS100
Media Type CD-R
Grade Premium; high-performance and compatibility
Record Speed 1-52X
Surface Shiny Silver Lacquer (no stacking ring on top surface for silkscreening)
Branded No
Print Type Thermal
Storage Capacity 80 minutes recording time or 700 MB
Disc Diameter 120 mm
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