JVC WaterShield DVD-R Media

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Product Copy for JVC WaterShield DVD-R Media

Unlike normal inkjet discs, WaterShield is water resistent, scratch resistant, and features a glossy finish.  WaterShield blank media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. Manufactured by JVC, WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches. WaterShield DVD-R media is available with a white surface. WaterShield Silver features a reflective metallic finish.

WaterShield DVD-R hub-printable media features the very same qualities as JVC's original discs. With the world's widest record and playback compatibility, you're assured a great disc, delivered perfectly every time. WaterShield CD-R media also writes all forms of audio and data, uses ISO 14001 certified manufacturing, has zero wave distortion, lowest jitter levels and lowest bler (E12 & E22) error rate in the industry.

Product Specifications for JVC WaterShield DVD-R Media
Media Type DVD-R
Spindled 50-disc spindles
Record Speed Up to 16X
Surface White hub-printable
Branded No
Water Resistant Yes
Storage Capacity 4.7 GB
Disc Diameter 120 mm
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