JVC DVD-RW Premium Media

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Product Copy for JVC DVD-RW Premium Media

For those serious about getting the best media for their money, look no further than JVC DVD-RW Media. JVC's line of rewritable DVD-R media is superior, high-performance media with an exceptionally low error rate that can be used for either video or data recording. Record up to 4.7GB at a 4X and receive the ultimate in playback performance and compatibility. Branded with the JVC logo, this media is not intended for inkjet or thermal label printing. Made in Japan, DVD-RW Media is available in packs of 5 discs in jewel cases.

PProduct Specifications for JVC DVD-RW Premium Media
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Media Type DVD-RW
Grade Premium Grade
Record Speed 2-4X
Surface Gold Lacquer
Rewritable Yes
Water Resistant No
Storage Capacity 4.7 GB
Case Type Slim jewel case (5mm thickness)
Branded Yes

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