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Product Copy for ISO Archival Disc Publishers

What is ISO 10995?
ISO 10995 is the international standard currently set to test DVD+/-R/RW/RAM discs. The standard, established in April 2008 in Japan, specifies a the test method for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media. It uses an accelerated aging test method for estimating the life expectancy for the retrievability of information stored on recordable or rewritable optical discs. JVC's specialized optical disc created for long-term storage are the only ISO 10995 certified disc for data archival. Each disc is carefully constructed with a super silver alloy reflector, further enhancing its long-term storage capability.

The ISO-certified solution to the problem of long-term data archival combines three products: First, an optical disc optimized for optimum long-term storage made in Japan. Second, a recorder that maintains an extremely low error rate of recording signal default characteristics. Lastly, an inspection device that precisely measures error rates. Combined, users can be absolutely assured of long-term data storage and retrieval by means of optical disc technology. Microboards' Archival Publishers feature an integrated drive, allowing users to automate the labeling and recording of discs adherent to the ISO 10995 standard.

G3 Archival Publisher
The latest disc publishing innovation from Microboards, the G3 Disc Publisher is your economical solution for producing professionally finished CDs, DVDs, or even Blu-ray Discs from the comfort of your personal desktop computer. Write discs with a robust CD/DVD combo drive. Integrated HP inkjet technology produces vibrant, 4800dpi labels using a single tri-color cartridge (GX-300-HC). With a sleek 50-disc input and fully-enclosed output bin, the G3's small footprint allows disc production to take place in even the smallest, most cramped offices.

CX-1 Archival Publisher
Producing high-quality, professionally finished CDs and DVDs is fast, affordable, and simple with the Microboards CX-1 Disc Publisher. Proven to meet your mid-to-high volume disc publishing needs, this tool provides high-speed, high-quality disc recording and printing capabilities. The intuitive interface makes for easy operation; and the 100-disc capacity enables unattended burning and printing. Simply set it up, walk away, and get on with business while the CX-1 does the work for you. You'll enjoy great-looking results with proven HP inkjet technology with 4800-dpi resolution, delivering brilliant color disc after disc after disc.

MX Archival Publishers
High-volume disc publishing requires a solution that's up to the task and that you can trust. Fortunately, the Microboards MX Series delivers the ease, reliability, and professional quality you're seeking in a solution that's extremely fast and cost-effective. Comprising the MX-1 and MX-2 Disc Publishers, this series utilizes the latest in HP inkjet technology, with HP Vivera inks and outstanding 4800-dpi resolution, to deliver high-quality, professionally finished CDs and DVDs that look truly amazing. Separate C, M, Y, K high-capacity ink cartridges mean less waste and a much lower cost per disc—as little as 11 cents for a typical full-coverage print and as low as 1 cent for light, text-only coverage.

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