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100-Pack DVD+R VP-R47HG100 100px • 200px • 400px
Product Copy for JVC DVD+R Media

Get the absolute most from your media with JVC's top-of-the-line DVD+R Media. JVC DVD+R retail media records at a blazing 16X with 4.7GB of storage space. JVC DVD+R is superior, high-performance media with an exceptionally low error rate that ensures you'll get the most for your money. When you need reliability, JVC delivers with stunning data integrity. Featuring a branded gold lacquer surface, this media is not intended for use in an inkjet or thermal disc printer or publisher. Available in spindles, of 25, 50, or 100 discs, you can trust JVC DVD+R media for long-term archival.

Product Specifications for JVC DVD+R Media
SKU Numbers VP-R47HGS25
Media Type DVD+R
Grade Premium; high-performance and compatibility
Record Speed 16X
Surface Gold Lacquer
Branded Yes
Inkjet Printable No
Storage Capacity 4.7 GB
Disc Diameter 120 mm
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