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CopyLock MCL-30
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Product Copy for CopyLock

What is your DVD Video worth? If it's substantial, Microboards' all-new CopyLock will help you protect it from being copied illegally. Video houses, government agencies, professional and amateur videographers—anyone selling their DVDs or protecting sensitive content will greatly benefit from CopyLock. CopyLock features technology that's easy to use and is offered as an option for Microboards' current lineup of premium CopyWriter Pro towers—DVD, LightScribe and Blu-ray (for DVD-Video protection only).

It takes just six simple steps for creating a protected master and unlimited protected copies.
1) Load the supplied Microboards CopyLock software onto a suitable PC.
2) Plug in the CopyLock USB dongle with activated licenses into your PC’s USB port.
3) Use the Microboards CopyLock suite of software to create a protected .iso file from your DVD video disc or Video TS folder.
4) Transfer the new copy protected .iso file from the PC onto an enabled duplicator via USB/Copy Connect or LAN/Network connectivity
5) Load blank DVD recordable discs into the duplicator’s writer drives, then use the duplicator’s menu keys to locate the transferred file on the duplicator’s internal hard drive
6) Initiate the copy process. The finished copied discs will have the copy protection embedded.

One license per master is all that is required to embed your project/title with Microboards CopyLock protection. The CopyLock software allows the user to create an unlimited number of copies from each licensed master video image for no additional fees, making the overall cost per copy protected disc as low as just pennies.

Product Specifications for CopyLock
Part No. Item Price Price per Protected Master No. Protected Copies
MCL-30 Dongle with 30 Master Protect Licenses $325 $10.83 Unlimited
MCL-50 Dongle with 50 Master Protect Licenses $475 $9.50 Unlimited
MCL-100 Dongle with 100 Master Protect Licenses $825 $8.25 Unlimited
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